TV personality Paddy Smyth known for his appearances on "Should I be Fixed?" on BBC, shared his thoughts on the holiday season and exciting prospects for the new year.

His Christmas is going to be filled with spending quality time with family and friends and embarking on a unique trip to Germany.

Speaking to RSVP Live he said: "I'm going on a press trip to Germany with the EU Parliament, which sounds crazy. That'll be my first Christmas trip which I'm just like, what's going on?" he laughed.

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One of the highlights of Smyth's recent experiences has been his close friendship with Eric Roberts, a TikTok sensation who gained further recognition through his role in the Netflix series Squid Game: The Challenge.

Smyth and Roberts have collaborated on various projects and are now hoping to launch a podcast in the new year.

Paddy shared their podcasting aspirations, saying: "Myself and Eric are looking to do a podcast in the new year. We're hopefully going to call it 'One and a Half Men'."

Explaining the concept behind their potential podcast, Smyth continued: "Two people from different walks of life, one a Donegal native, straight man into sports, the other a disabled gay hun from Dublin."

Eric and Paddy in Donegal
Eric and Paddy in Donegal

"Their life experiences have been very, very different. From their upbringings, to their hobbies, to one being married and one being perpetually single."

The duo aims to showcase the strength of their friendship and the idea that differences in background and experiences can lead to incredible connections.

"We have created this amazing friendship, and it just showcases that you don't have to be from the same way of life to have an amazing friendship," Smyth emphasised.

When discussing his foray into acting, Paddy Smyth shared a moment that made him laugh when he got a call about a screen test for the popular British soap opera Eastenders.

Recounting the unexpected opportunity, Smyth said:"They rang up, they were like, we watched your documentary on BBC. We think you could be a potentially good actor. Would you come for a casting and we could record you? I was like, excuse me, excuse me?"

Despite the surprise and his lack of formal acting experience, Smyth embraced the challenge.

"I had to perform these two gay characters. I've never acted in my life except for a school play where I played Hercules," he laughed.

Smyth is awaiting the outcome and giggled: "Who knows, I haven't got a call back yet, but we shall see."

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